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Residential UV Water Systems

Our Residential Category is for dwellings that use untreated water, such as stored rain water, or ground waters (spring/bore/river).

For almost all water sources 3 filters are required to achieve proper clarity (greater than 70%UVT):

  • * 5 micron pleated paper cartridge for the organic material typically in rainwater, or silts in ground water
  • * 1 micron to remove 'mud' - this provides the UV chamber with water clarity to the level of < 1 NTU
  • * Carbon to remove odor, sprays, and improve taste
UV lamp power to provide a safe dosage is related to your expected maximum water usage, typically less than 100 Lpm:
  • * 40 watt lamp for 2 or 3 occupants
  • * 80 watt lamp for 5 or more occupants

If you find that your cartridges are 'plugging' faster than 6 months, then you should investigate filtration prior to the water entering the UV system.

If your water is 'hard' then you should consider a salt brine softener.

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  1. B3 UV Filtration System

    3 Filter Residential UV Water System

    Designed for normal water sources supplying your whole house.

    Learn More
  2. Water Systems R3 (NSF approval pending)
  3. A4 fits into compact spaces

    WSA4 - 4 Filter Compact UV Water Filtration System with Bypass (no cover)

    Upmarket compact design for apartments/boats/RV's

    Learn More
  4. B2 for single bathroom

    WSB2 - 2 Filter Residential UV Water System (with cover)

    Ideal size for 2 people / single bathroom

    Learn More
  5. UV & Filtration for 'perfectly clear' untreated water sources

    WSB1 - 1 Filter Residential UV Water System (with cover)

    If your water is perfect but UV will give peace of mind

    Learn More

5 Item(s)

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