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Septic Discharge UV Systems

Many Councils are now withholding building consents unless Septic discharge water contains an ecoli count lower than 100.

While Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems remove the solids (to a count of 30 or lower for BOD & TSS), they do not lower the ecoli count (which can be in the millions).

As suspended solids in the water shield some of the ecoli, for effective UV reduction, it is necessary that the treatment / disc filtration reduces BOD/TSS to less than a count of 10. At this level pleated paper cartridge filtration prior to the UV Chamber can prevent the quartz sleeve from constant fouling. The sleeve should be checked regularly to determine its cleaning cycle.

Our System is designed so that when the septic tank 'high level float switch' is triggered, power is turned on to the UV system. After a 2 minute delay (for the UV lamp to heat up) power is then supplied to the evacuation pump. When the 'low level switch' is triggered, power is cut.

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  1. Septic UV System

    WSBS - 1 Filter Septic Discharge UV System (30 Lpm)

    Designed to reduce bacterial counts before discharge onto a disposal field.

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  2. BST timer not shown lg

    WSBST - 1 Filter Septic Discharge UV System (50 Lpm)

    A double-up of UV intensity suitable for higher occupancy properties

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2 Artikel

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