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Pool UV Water Systems

Our pool UV water systems drastically reduce the need for harsh chemical treatment. These pure UV units are designed to be retrofitted to exisiting conventional pool filters.

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  1. Mini 20 watt UV system for spa pool

    Pool UV Kit; 14 watt; 20 Lpm; 6000 liter

    Mini 20 watt UV system for smaller water tanks, the spa pool and fish ponds Learn More
  2.  Spa Pool UV Chamber System, 40 watt

    Pool UV Kit; 40 watt; 55 Lpm; 15000 liter

    40 watt UV System ideal for big spa pools and small plunge pools. Learn More
  3. UV Chamber for Pools and Spas

    Pool UV Kit; 80 watt; 125 Lpm; 30000 liter

    A standard 80 watt UV system that will cope with mid sized residential pools Learn More
  4. Pool UV Kit; 160 watt; 175 Lpm; 60000 Liter

    Pool UV Kit; 160 watt; 175 Lpm; 60000 Liter

    A big 160 watt UV system that is ideal for a typical residential pool Learn More

4 Item(s)

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