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Pool Spa Water UV Kits

UV for sterilisation is as old as the Sun itself. For example hang your washing on the line.

UV works as a replacement in part or total for chlorine, so is ideal for pools.

UV is also effective for protecting against Leigionnaires, so is fitted to Hot Water Return Rings Mains in Resthomes etc.

The required lamp power for the specified dosage depends on the water clarity. Please ask us to provide an estimate for your situation.

The Case for Pools:

The UV dosage prevents the 'living nasties' (viruses, bacteria, cysts, molds) from multiplying which means

1 No green stuff

2 Keeps you safe

3 Less or no chlorine needed

Our customers tell us they have substantially reduced or eliminated the use of chlorine. When chlorine is exposed to organic material (urine, sweat, skin, leaves) foul smelling Chloramines are produced. And it is well known that regular chlorinated pool swimmers report nasal & skin issues, and burning eyes.

To choose the right Pool Kit a rule of thumb is 1 to 2 watts of UV dosage per 1000 litres.

* a SPA pool of say 1500 liters - say 3 watts (our smallest kit is 14 watts)

* typical house pool 30,000 to 60,000 litres - either our 40 or 80 watt kit

* a larger pool  - either our 160 watt or 200 watt kit

Simply install the UV Chamber after the pump. Each time your pool water is recirculated it receives another dose. The more the better.

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