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Pool Water UV Kits

Our Pool Category is for UV Kits that work along side existing filtration, such as for swimming pools.

IF your pool is treated with chlorine or chloramine, then you can substantially reduce the quantity of chemical used to keep the water safe and clear.

Our customer report that they generally only add chemicals to lift the otherwise 'dull' water.

Chloramines are particularly bad when exposed to organic material (urine, sweat, skin, leaves), and there is plenty of evidence of adverse health issues from regular pool swimmers.

We use a rule of thumb, of 1 to 2 watts of UV dosage per 1000 litres.

* a SPA pool of say 1500 liters - say 3 watts (our smallest kit is 14 watts)

* a small house pool up to 40,000 litres - either our 40 or 80 watt kit

* a large pool  - either our 160 watt or 200 watt kit

Apart from the UV dosage you should consider your pool pump flow rate, as our UV chambers vary in flow capacity.

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4 Artikel

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