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UV Ballasts & Electrical

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Our UV systems all require a ballast/controllers that power and monitor the UV lamp. The smaller and cheaper ballasts have an LED light (red and green) and an additional alarm that will alarm when the lamp fails or when it has come to the end of its life.

Most of the better systems have a digital highend ballast/controller installed. This unit has a number of features shown on the control digital display. These are usually gel-filled because the build-up of moisture overtime can cause internal deterioration (especially if located near the sea). These ballasts display the number of days since the UV lamp was last replaced and the ballasts also display fault codes. The fault code shown on the ballast/controller will indicate that the lamp has expired or that the system is due for a service, lamps, seals and filter replacement based on time elapsed. This fault code is often connected to a remote alarm. These ballasts can also sometimes monitor a light sensor which is attached to the UV chamber. This sensor monitors the intensity of the UV light emitted through the flowing water. It can also in some case indicate the UVT transmittance percentage. Although currently these systems are not monitored by a service centre there is progress toward WiFi connectivity through to a service contractor.

Equipment that is connected to the electrical mains power near water is hazardous. Our quality systems have IP water protected boxes, Gel filled ballasts with surge protectors and RCBO’s built in.

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