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Under Bench Faucet Standard Filter Kit

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Remove heavy metals, chlorine & flouride; 3 Lpm; Faucet & 2 cartridges
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This faucet underbench kit is the best available solution for removing as much as possible from city water. 

The 0.5 micron cartridge results in a 3 Lpm flow rate, so patience is the key here. 
Cartridge life of 10,000 liters (at 3 Lpm thats 3000 hours of use!).
This kit includes
  • 10" Standard - Flouride & Chlorine Reduction Cartridge
  • 10" Standard - KX PB1 0.5 micron for Chlorine Cysts & Heavy Metals
  • Filter brackets and fastenings - space required approximately 400 mm high; 250 mm wide; 150 mm deep
  • Your choice of connection kit - to tap into your cold water pipe
  • Stainless Steel ceramic disc faucet
Download the Matrix PB1 data sheet here.


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