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Schools UV Water Filtration

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Lack of clean water in schools can result in severe health complications among school going children. The New Zealand Health Department requires the use of NSF certified water UV systems in schools located in areas that use rain, bore, lake or stream water. UV Water filtration systems which are NSF certified to NSF 55 Class A and in some cases are certified NSF class 42 and 53 provide a very high level of sterile water to schools and play centres.

UV water purification and filtration systems that are NSF approved are the only acceptable certified systems for schools. Generally we have found that if other than these systems are used the New Zealand Health Department or Education Department will require the non certified system is replaced or upgraded. NSF systems are often very much more expensive that non certified systems that probably work equally as well because the certified company has gone through years of development and testing in order to obtain certification. This process is very expensive and is reflected in the cost of the initial system and its ongoing parts cost. Children are far more susceptible to intestinal problems associated with drinking water that has been treated incorrectly. This problem is often associated with poor quality or from non certified systems.

Ultraviolet water purification is a safe, clean and easy way to maintain a quality water supply for your school children. Provided these systems are serviced correctly they will give years of problem free service. Regular maintenance will guarantee a high qualitybacteria free drinking water. Water passing through the system is exposed to a UV light that sterilises harmful bacteria and microorganisms to ensure that they do not reproduce. UV destroys harmful water microorganisms like; E.coli, infectious hepatitis, giardia, polio, meningitis, cholera, coliform, typhoid fever, dysentery, salmonella and cryptosporidium just to mention a few. UV water filter system is a tried and tested water purification method for use in homes, schools and industries alike.

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