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Schools UV Water Filtration

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Unfortunately, a majority of schools in New Zealand and around the world have a lack of clean drinking water which can cause severe health concerns among our children. Health Departments require the use of certified water UV filtration systems in schools located in areas that use any ground waters lake, well, bore or stream water and also rain water from the roof.

NSF certification is a worldwide recognised drinking water standard it is recognised as the bench mark for all other standards. This is why our company follows this standard. Our school UV water filtration system is NSF certified to NSF 55 Class A. We can also provide systems certified to NSF Class 42 and 53. Through this certification our systems produce a very high level of sterilized drinking water. NSF approved UV water decontamination and filtration systems are the only suitable systems for play centres and schools.

NSF certified systems are more expensive than other non-certified systems due to the years of testing and development that is required to gain this NSF certification. The process of testing and development is very expensive so this is included in the cost of the parts and the system itself. If other than certified systems are installed in schools and pre school care centres then the New Zealand Health Department or Education Department will require the non-certified system to be replaced or upgraded. Children are more prone to health complications such as intestinal problems than adults are. These health complications are usually caused by the lack of untreated drinking water produced by non-certified systems.

Our school systems use UV light to sterilise the water which is a safe and clean way to maintain the quality of the water for our children. If these systems are serviced properly then there will be years of problem free service and also regular maintenance will ensure you are drinking high quality and microbes’ free water. The water that passes through the filtration system is exposed to the UV light rays that sterilises the bacteria changing its DNA makeup preventing reproduction. The UV light rays eliminates the damaging microbes’ which include: cholera, coliform, cryptosporidium, dysentery, E. coli, giardia, infectious hepatitis, meningitis, polio, salmonella and typhoid fever to name a few. The UV water filtration process used in our systems has been tested for use in schools, dwellings, food manufacturers and commercial applications.

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