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Quartz Sleeves & Seals

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The quartz sleeve is a cylindrical tube that runs through the middle of the stainless steel UV chamber. The quartz sleeve is sealed at one end and opened at the other and is secured from water entry by a wedge seal at either end. This seal is sits wedged between the stainless steel chamber and the quarts sleeve. The stainless steel end caps are then screwed on to the chamber ends pushing the wedge seals tightly into the gap in the chamber neck.

The UV lamp is placed through the open end of the quartz sleeve. The pin connector of the UV lamp is then connected to the ballast/controller lamp lead. The UV lamp is placed inside the quartz sleeve, this ensures the lamp remains dry. As the water passes through the chamber it circulates and agitates around the quartz sleeve and becomes exposed to the intense UV light radiation that sterilises the bacteria, microorganisms and chlorine.

The seals at either end of the quartz sleeve eventually will harden due to excessive lamp heat, these seals may also begin to crack and leak. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the quartz sleeve seals at the same time as you replace the lamp at 12-18 months. When the lamp and seals are being replaced, it is essential that the quartz sleeve must is carefully removed and cleaned to remove any scale or build up present. Any excess build up on the chamber will inhibit the UV rays sterilising the water, making it less efficient. When you purchase a system you will receive a detailed manual to direct you in how to service certain parts of the system. If you require any additional assistance all our contact details are available on our website.

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