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WSPF1465A Auto Backwash Silt Filter 14"

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Removal of sands/sediments from ground water
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Down load PreFiltration data sheet here

Down load Silt Filter data sheet here

For removing excess debri in your supply water.

Typically used for cleaning water taken from a stream / river that often carries silts.

The large media tank measures 14" x 65" (350mm x 1575mm) PROVIDING AMPLE SURFACE AREA to match flowrates typically occurring in multi bathroom houses.

Filtering to 5 microns.

Water passes through a coarse crushed glass layer in the bottom of the tank, then up through fine crushed glass.

Kit includes:

  1. Media tank
  2. Control Head (backwash)
  3. Coarse Crushed Glass (2 x 22kg bags)
  4. Fine Crushed Glass (4 x 22kg bags)


Artikelnummer WSPF1465A