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UV Water Filter Parts

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UV water filtration systems use ultraviolet light rays to sterilise and eliminate harmful bacteria, microorganisms and any other contaminants that can be found in drinking water. Most of the parts in our systems are similar regardless of their brand. The UV sterilisation process requires 4 main parts:

The Reactor Chamber:

The stainless steel chamber encases both the quartz sleeve and the UV light. The UV light sits in the middle of this quartz sleeve so it is kept dry. At the start of the sterilisation process the water enters at one end of the chamber and spiralises around the quartz sleeve and is exposed to the UV rays. Through this process all contaminants such as bacteria, microorganisms are sterilised and eliminated. The water then exits the chamber and a high quality, safe and clean drinking water is available. The sterilisation process is based on and works because of a formula which takes into account chamber length and width, lamp wattage, water flow and water turbidity. If this formula is not correct then the water does not get the correct exposure and will not be sterile.

The Quartz Sleeve:

The quartz sleeve, which is made from quartz glass, is in the shape of a cylindrical tube, similar to a test tube and holds the UV lamp that runs through the middle of the chamber. The quartz sleeve protects the UV lamp from getting wet and is sealed at both ends with silicon wedge seals. Overtime there can be a build-up of bacteria on the outside of the sleeve, therefore it is recommended that the sleeve is carefully removed and cleaned when the lamp and seals are being replaced.

The UV Lamp:

Ultraviolet lamps will vary in terms of light wattage, power, diameter, length and are therefore are all quite different. All UV lamps will also require different connection plugs. There are many lamps with the same specifications but that have a different manufacturers code. Please note that if you connect an incorrect lamp with the wrong ballast/controller, the lamp will likely blow which is costly mistake. If in doubt call us so we can work through what you have and need.

The Controller Unit:

The controller/ballast unit is what controls the UV lamp. The lamp and controller specification and output must match or one or other or both will short. The ballast / controller manages the lamp by monitoring its out put and failure. It also in some cases has a day counter that will count down days over an annual period and will alarm when it reaches 0. This is the usual life for the lamp when deterioration effects output and its ability to sterilise the water.

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