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Dear Water Consumer,

If you are searching through this website, you are either looking for a rain, stream, lake, bore,tankor town mains UV filtration or water filtration system. You may also not know exactly what you require and in some cases, you may not fully understand how these water systems work. There are a number ofdifferent water systems available on this website most of which are designed and assembled in New Zealand. All the systems work effectively to give you safe and clean drinking water, assuming you choose the correct one for your needs. Choosing a wrongly designed system or a system not fit for your needs creates endless and costly problems. If you do not understand exactly what you require and most people do not then give us a call and we will assist you to choose the correct one. There are anumber of factors toconsider, for example; known water problems, water source, tank and roof materials and age, number of house occupants, ideal water volume, number of bathrooms, gutters, leaching and environmental factors such as; overhanging trees and unsealed roads.

What you should consider when looking for awater filtration system:

  1. Only a few systems are offered complete for easy installation. Our water filtration units can be installed on posts or walls.
  2. A major issues in the country include power cuts and moisture on electrical components which lead to premature failure especially on systems located outside. Our systems come with surge protection and RCBO built in. They also include Gel filled ballast/controllers in IP rated enclosures to ensure protection against moisture.
  3. System filters last 9 to 12 months but based on water quality, this duration could be less. The UV system lasts for around 18 months.
  4. Some systems may block after only 3 months when additional contamination factors like stirred up tank sediments and pollen are introduced to the filtration process. However, our engineers can advise on inexpensive solutions for such problems.
  5. >The average cost for all consumable parts including filters, seal and lamp replacement, courier and tax is $240 approximately per year.
  6. Determine whether the filtration system is ideal for your needs and can process the water volume you desire. Consider location, water pipe inlet positioning, power and access to services. The unit should be installed at chest height on a wall or posts but away from direct sunlight. The ideal point should be the last entry point to the house to ensure that all water contaminationis eliminated before the water is consumed.
  7. Decide on the required system size and filters before the UV chamber. If you have water problems like smell, discoloration or taste that are caused by outside influences like old roofs, gutters, trees and tanks, you need a 3 filter system. On the other hand, if you have no water problem but require a precautionary system, a 2 filter system would be ideal.

The above is just a simple explanation and we would be glad to discuss your requirements in detail to ensure that you choose a system ideal for your needs.