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How UV Water Filter Systems work

How UV Water Filter Systems Work?

Most systems offer a 2 or 3 filter configuration with a UV chamber attached at the top or side of the unit.

A filtration system can have either 1, 2, 3 or 4 filters required to improve the water quality and clarity so that UV light can effectively sterilise the bacteria. Cartridges trap water contaminants on the surface or depth of the filter materials. The filters include;

  1. A primary filter with a cartridge that copes with floating materials like courser silt or mud particles and leaf fragments.A pleated paper surface or synthetic cartridge. A 5 micron can cope with most water sources.
  2. The second on a 3 filter system comprises of a coconut carbon block cartridge designed to help with issues of taste, smell, discolouration and any chemicals present.
  3. The last filter comprises of a melt blown polyprop1 micron depth filter that eliminates fine sediments.

The cartridges are designed to remove and store filtered contaminants. After approximately 6 to 9 the filters are full and require changing.

The sterilisation process.

  1. The filtered water is sufficiently clear as it enters the UV chamber.
  2. Within the chamber is a quartz sleeve and in this is the UV Lamp.
  3. The water enters the chamber in the gap between the quartz sleeve and the inner chamber wall.
  4. It spirals around the quartz sleeve, is agitated and exposed to intense UV light.
  5. The systems are carefully designed to ensure that the formula for sterilisation is correctly met. This formula includes water flow, chamber length and width, lamp wattage and exposure time.
  6. The UV light render the bugs harmless since they can no longer multiply and the water is safe for household use.>

The ideal water filtration and sterilisation system for you is determined by manner factors and generally will require a discussion prior to purchase.