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Which UV Filtration System should i get?

This can be confusing and complicated and generally it is recommended that you call us to discuss you property and your family requirements. There are many factors that impact on the system choice. These include, house water use, the inhabitants (do you have young children) roof, construction in the case of rain water collection, trees, spraying in your area, gravel roads etc.

To answer this question, you need to understand the different UV systems and what they are designed for;

80 watt 3 filter system (B3) Our most popular unit.

Ideal for rain, stream, lake and bore water. It can also be used on city/ mains water as it has two carbon filters that remove up to 100% of chlorine, 50% fluoride and sands, sediment and rust traces from old pipes.

For groundwater, sands and sediment are major issues so 5 pleated paper is required to facilitate removal of these contaminants. In this case, high UV output is required in order to sterilize potentially high bacteria. The B3 allows for high peak consumption flow rates of up to 100 litres per minute. 

For tank water with odour a carbon, 1 micron and 5 micron pleated paper for sediment removal is required. A UV lamp is also necessary.

For food manufacturing, public fountains and schools, an optional automatic shut off valve is required in the event that lamps fail.

40 watt 2 filter system (B2)

Ideally used for newer houses that have no perceived water issues. In other words, no trees over hanging the roof, sealed roads around the property, no spraying on the property, colour steel roof etc. Everything applies as described above. However, since the water is very clean, less filtration is necessary and two unprotected carbons can be used. Ground water and tank water are clean and odour free. So, small house can benefit from flow rates of less than 50 litres per minute.

80 watt 1 filter system (BS)

Ideal for onsite septic tank treated water discharge.Uses a coarse 20, 50 or 200 micron pleated paper filters.High output UV of 80 to95 watt lamps that are capable of sterilizing 100 litres per minute. This ensures that the water is safe for use in vegetable gardens and flows to streams.

40 watt 1 filter system (B1)

This is an entry level product ideal for people on a budget. However, you must be confident that your water is clean, odour free and chemical free.

Are the filters easy to change?

Yes; when the sump threads and O rings are well lubricated, you require less than 5 minutes to change the filters. Filters can be difficult to remove if not well-lubricated especially when the sump is old.

Can I do a DIY installation?

Absolutely. You receive a full instruction manual upon purchase but it is advisable to have it inspected and signed off by a master plumber.

Can systems be installed outside?

Yes. There are numerous systems designed for varying applications. Our systems have an all-weather impervious cover and the power supply section is fully covered in a waterproof box. We also isolate the circuitry using ballasts that are filled with gel. This added protectionprevents electrical damage and aids in fault finding.

Does the system need 240 volts?

Yes. The UV lamp needs 110 to 240 volts to power the lamps required to effectively kill bacteria.

How long can filters last?

Normally, they last for 6 to 9 months but the duration is determined by the quality of water. Cleaning storage tanks and gutters will increase filter life.

How long can the lamp last?

Lamps are expected to last for 12 to 18 months based on the ballast specifications. Digital ballasts countdown indicates the remaining lamp life days that start counting at 365 days. Though lamps may continue operating after their indicated duration, their effectiveness reduces significantly. Note that the quartz sleeve should be removed and cleaned when the lamp is replaced.

How long does the entire UV system last?

This depends on where the system is situated but on average it lasts for about 20 years. However there are three UV system classifications with varying service years. Consumable last for 6 to 12 months, replaceables for 3 to 10 years while durables last for up to 20 years.

How long does installation take?

This depends on where the power and pump is located usually 1.5 to 3 hours. You mount it, pipe it and plug it in.

What is the cost of installing a filtration system?

The cost starts from $250 and can increase based on the connection pipes in use and where the system is being installed. Usually if it is installed close to the tank and water pump then installation is easy and quick.

 How much power does the system require?

40 to 80 watts depending on the system. In simple terms, very little.

Which is the best place to install the system?

Generally the best location is on the side of the house, in the garage or in the pump shed. Generally it goes tank, pump system in a direct line where the water line enters the property.It should be installed facing south to avoid the direct north sun. A system installed at eye level is always easy to service and inspect because jumbo filters tend to be heavy when filled with water. There requires to be at least 1 metre of space on the left of the unit as you look at it. This is required so that the lamp and quartz sleeve can be removed to the left of the unit.