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WSC4M20 - 4 Filter High Flow Mains Water Filtration System (with cover)

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Hi Flow; For the removal of chlorine; from all taps & shower; superior to under bench & fridge filters
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Download our WSM4/20 datasheet here

The M4/20 is for the filtration of Mains/City Water to remove Chemicals

UV: Not required IF the ‘City Water’ has already been disinfected / sterilized.

Filtration: Four 20" Jumbo Filters; flow rate tested to exceed 150 Lpm

Cartridges: 1M poly / 5M carbon/ 5M carbon/ 1M poly.
Performance: Poly 1 micron protects the Coconut Carbon granules from being coated with suspended solids (silt / mud). 1st carbon removes most of the chlorine. 2nd carbon removes remainder of chlorine. Poly 1 micron to remove any ‘carbon granule flushing dust’

Piping: SS pipe fittings; 1.0" BSP valving & connections (F);

Mounting: 15mm PVC sheet;

Supplied with: Weatherproof ACM (alloy composite material) security cover;

Shipping Carton: 1.1 x 0.8 x0.3 (0.2 m3); 30kg
Dimensions: 1035x535x235

Typical Usage • ‘Whole of House’ supply for city properties supplied with chlorinated ‘City Water’.

Typical Installation • Mount in garage or on southern external wall. Predrilled screw holes.
Run inlet and outlet pipes horizontally under the system then up to the 1" ball valves.

Maintenance • Replace filter cartridges annually (to prevent possible build up of bacteria in the cartridges) as there is no UV protection.

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