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Mains Water Filtration Systems

Our Mains Water Category is for dwellings that use treated water. Therefore these systems do not have a UV capability.

This water however will be polluted with either chlorine or chloramine, neither good for your health, and is likely to also contain:

* silts including rust prevalent in old galvanised reticulation areas

* harmful compounds not removed by the Water Supply Utility

Proper multistage filtration (3 or more filter cartridges needed) will:

* use 1 or 2 silt / small particle cartridges (to protect the carbons)

* use 2 carbon cartridges to remove virtually all the chlorine / chloramine

These cartridges will keep up with the household flow rates for a year, however as there is no UV treatment we strongly advise replacement annually. The 20"cartridges have nearly double the flow rate of the 10". 

2 шт.

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2 шт.

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