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Low Priced UV Water Filtration Systems

Friday, 3 March 2017 4:22:56 PM Pacific/Auckland

"To buy or not to buy" – your choice. Customers ring us on a regular basis stating they have purchased a cheap system about a year ago and curse the day they made that decision.

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Selecting The Right Cartridges

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 12:07:00 PM Pacific/Auckland

Every one has an opinion of what is the right set of cartridges. Right? Experience is your proof, but we start you off with a set based on 1000's of owners experiences,

•   5 Micron (5M) pleated paper element (1st stage)
•    1 Micron (1M) polypropylene element (2nd stage)
•    Carbon (5M) element (Final stage)
•    How many filters do I need?
•   The Chlorine Story and City Water Standards
•   UV Water Systems Models

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2 Item(s)