Have you considered UV as your primary tool? OR are you still wedded to chlorine? Some US manufacturers are now fitting UV to spa pools. This says a lot!

UV has been around for 50 years or so, as has ozone, and chlorine a lot longer. Salt water pools too...they work. OF late UV has risen above ozone which is corrosive and a bit problematic for water treatment. However UV is not the elixir...but it does significantly reduce the amount of chlorine you need to use.

Problems while using traditional methods are made worse when pools are being solar heated. With warmer water, higher dosage of chlorine is needed, and this causes burning eyes and itchy red skin, not to mention the powerful smell of chlorine that bleaches your swim wear.

If the water smells of chlorine then it must be OK...yes or no?

Chloramine formation occurs when there is not enough free chlorine in the water. This mixes with body fats, sweat and other contamination and without enough free chlorine it can’t oxidise these. This is why you get the chlorine odours, eye irritation, Red itchy skin and sometime respiratory irritation. Bacteria levels can be very high with too many to mention.

UV treatment + lower levels of chlorine reduces the skin irritations, red eye and that chlorine smell, giving you clean crystal clear water.

UV systems will kill chlorine resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium which is serious health hazard.

Pool water volume needs to be matched with the UV lamp wattage. The UV runs only when the pool pump is running, with the pool water recirculating past the lamp . Pipework in the UV system needs to be able to cope with the pool pump flowrate.

Benefits are:

Simple and easy to maintain

UV is effective against all micro organisms

Significant reduction of chlorine usage

You can’t overtreat with UV (whereas getting the right chlorine balance is almost an art form)

Green technology- there are no chemicals used in UV treatment

UV treatment is cheap, very effective and a perfect proven solution.

Creates a healthier swimming environment

No more green pool water over the winter period

A UV sizing guide:

Fish Tanks - 14 watt (our P20 Kit)

Spa & Small home pool 1000 to 30,000 liters - 40 watt (our P50 Kit)

Normal home pool 60,000 liters -80 watt (our P100 Kit)

Large home pool - 160 watt (our P200T Kit or our BP200 System)

Natural pool - 320 watt (our BP400 System)