Wow! we have a Government that wants us to be able to swim! Great news! Yeah Right. I can see another Tui billboard.

So the Government has the farmers applauding. That rings alarm bells to us townies. How did they achieve that?

Simple: just more than double the allowable ecoli level to meet the 'standard'. 200 odd to 500 odd.

Justification: to bring us into line with other countries.

Wow we just sold out on the millions of dollars invested in NZ Green - the marketing pillar for NZ exporters.

So we are no longer a pillar of attainment - a country for others to look up to - with a standard more than 100% tighter than all others.

Go Nick Smith. Go National.

Forrest and Bird voted with their feet - a total sham the Water Quality Council.

We should feel ashamed that we as a country have sunk this low.