Pressure Definitions

psi - Pounds per square inch

kPa - Kilopascals (100 kP = 14.5 psi)

bar or kg/cm2 (1 = 100 kPa)

Typical House Pressures

45 to 75 psi

300 to 500 kPa

3 to 5 bar or kg/cm2 (many gauges display these units)

Typical Pumps

Many modern performance pumps are rated around 75 to 85 psi, and on a good day can achieve close to their rating.

Pumps are rated in head lift - 2.31 ft of lift = 1 psi

So a typical domestic pump will have a rating around 55 meters. 

UV System Components

The lowest rated component is the 10" Jumbo filter:

  • Maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) is 90 psi
  • Recommended to be used at no more than 70 psi

All components lose a bit of their structural integrity when they are pounded by an increase in pressure. Therefore each component has a limited cycle life. The lower the pressure and the fewer the cycles, the longer the component will last.