There is no shortage of things that contaminate our water supplies. Some of them are listed here with a few measures on how to deal with these.

Naturally accruing

Micro organisms, wildlife, nitrates, nitrites, nitrogen compounds, heavy metals, rocks containing arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, selenium and fluoride.

Human activity

Bacteria, nitrates, human and animal wastes, septic tanks, large farms, heavy metals, mining, construction, old fruit orchards, fertilisers, pesticides, maintenance of crops and lawns, industrial products and waste, local factories, Industrial plants, petrol stations, dry cleaners, dumps, cleaning solvents, used motor oil, paint thinners, lead and copper plumbing materials, water treatment chemicals, waste water treatment plants, swimming pool chemicals.

Surface water will nearly always have some form of bacteria, cryptosporidia or Giardia cysts, this is why all water collected for consumption from anywhere should be tested for contaminants.

The simplest and most economical long term solution is to install a UV filtration system. The systems filtration has a pore size small enough to reduce the levels of many types of bacteria and the UV powerful enough to kill just about everything else ensuring you have a safe water supply.

Chemical contamination from fertilisers

Nitrate a chemical commonly used in fertiliser posed an immediate threat to infants when it is found in drinking water above the NZ drinking water standards.

Nitrates are converted into nitrites in the intestines, once absorbed into the blood stream they prevent hemoglobin from transporting oxygen.

Excessive levels can cause “blue baby syndrome” which can be fatal without immediate medical help. This is especially important for infants, young children, nursing mothers, pregnant woman and the elderly.

Please do not boil the water to attempt to reduce the nitrates, boiling water will only cause its concentration to increase.

Town water supply

Chlorine reaction, problems with fluoride, fluorosis, skin disease, ADHD and hyper activeness, it would be an excellent plan to consider a permanent water treatment strategy for your family.