The problem is big power consumption from pumps. So how can you set up your water supply with UV filtration treatment using minimal power?

Normally: Houses normally have a pump that operates every time you open a tap using around 2 to 3 amps in power.  And normally UV systems operate 24/7 using 40 to 80 watts to run the lamp. So for your solar home you need to change this.


 For one person about 100 Liters per day should be allowed for, so for a normal 4 person home you will need 400 liters of water per day.

 Collection tank say 20,000 to 35,000 liters

 Water source: rain water from the roof or a pipe coming from a stream or like.

Header tank

 A header tank is ideal for running water into a home using gravity feed, without the need of a pump.

 A very small low power pump running through a UV filtration system does not take long ( say 1 to 2 hours) to refill the header tank (of say 5000 liters being sufficient for 10 days if you are careful).

Timer Module

 When the tank is down to say 1000 liters, the float switch triggers the refill process. Our 'Pump Delay Timer Module' allows the UV filtration system to start up and get to operational temperature (takes 2 minutes) before allowing the pump to operate. This ensures that all water entering the header tank is up to 99.99% pure clean water.


The header tank, if at 2 meters above your taps would flow water at 3 psiG.

You will be very surprised how much water flows from this head if the pipe work feeding the home is 25 or 32 mm in diameter.

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