So we now know the truth...months later...after vested interest groups have tried to deflect...

It turns out that a sheep paddock is the culprit. Runoff during a rain storm flushed poop down ground cracks into the underground water system. This system flows like a river. Right past take off points for the town water.

Okay so we know the reason over 400 got sick from ecoli.

This will happen again and again - the contamination I mean. With our farm intensity. We are not a low population country. 4+ million humans is small but add 6+ million dairy cows alone...get my drift. 1 cow = xx humans. Beef cattle, sheep ... for goodness sake how many human equivalents are defecating into our rivers? The only way to reduce contamination is to reduce polluters...but thats not the purpose of this blog.

Rather the real issue is why is a food supplier (the Council) able to supply a food (the water) that is not treated? Did you know that?