Saving money or forgetting? either way, leaving your cartridges in too long is super ugly!

These filters were removed from a water filtration system we were asked to service. The system filters had not been changed for 2 years. Shocked was an understatement. We see some pretty dirty filters but these are dangerously contaminated. The client was still drinking the water and interestingly complaining that the family had been feeling a little under the weather of late.


dangerous-contamination-1 dangerous-contamination-2  dangerous-contamination-3


If you invest in a water filtration system we stress that you need also to ensure that the filters and UV lamp are changed in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. It is more dangerous to consume water from a system which has media this badly impregnated with dirt and bacteria than not having any filtration at all. On rain water the filters should be changed 6 to 9 monthly and the lamps every 10000 hours, normally annually.

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