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Affordable Water System NSF Certification Program

Monday, 22 June 2020 11:34:06 PM Pacific/Auckland

The sister company to Affordable Filters has obtained a number of passes for NSF certification. The passes relate to its UV filtration and Sterilisation systems. NSF is the worlds recognised leader in water testing and certification, acknowledged as such by New Zealand’s own Health Department and most others around the world. Passes have been obtained for NSF 55 Class A and B and NSF 42 Chlorine. We anticipate certificates will be issued within a short period. Our testing continues with NSF 53/ NSF 42 and NSF 401 still in progress.

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Filtering City or Mains Chlorinated Water

Friday, 25 October 2019 7:12:12 PM Pacific/Auckland

Chlorine has proven to be very effective in killing and disinfecting polluted water, making it drinkable and usable for various commercial or personal uses. It is the main element that has helped us control water-borne diseases. Moreover, it’s an affordable and widely available product, easy to use.

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