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20" Standard Water Filter Cartridges

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The 20-inch STD standard filter cartridges come in a variety of forms. Depending on the water issue that we are addressing, the internal element is customised. For instance, the pleated paper filters reduce the traces of sediments, mud and sands found in the water. Next is the coconut carbon filter which removes any bad smells, taste, discolouration and chemicals in the water. Lastly, a melt-blown filter is used which is the denser filter (1-micron) and this removes ultrafine particle traces. These different filters can be found on our website. Please feel free to contact us if you require assistance regarding your water issue or an alternative is to get your water tested.

Getting your water tested is an inexpensive process. The water is simply taken to a laboratory where they will perform tests on the water to see what its contents are. Through this report we are able to customise the filtration system to suit.

A frequently asked question is about the difference between a 10-inch standard and a 20-inch standard filter cartridges. No matter the difference in physical dimensions, both filters will provide clean and safe drinking water. The 20-inch filter is greater in size (about twice the surface area) of the 10-inch filter it will generally also last twice the length of time. Other than this there is no difference from a performance point of view. We would recommend that if you do not want to change your filters twice a year then go for the 20 inch Standard filter elements.

We would recommend that you use larger filters for restaurants, cafes or small commercial businesses because of the greater water usage. If you are unsure of what filter you require (10-inch or 20-inch filter) please feel free to give us a call and we can assist you.

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