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Cartridges Jumbo 20"

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Our water filter cartridges are designed and manufactured to capture and trap the floating contaminants in the water as it passes though the filters. The filters are often referred to as filter media. We produce many different types of 20-inch water filter cartridge media. These filters media perform different tasks. The filter media is changed dependent on the problem with the water. For example if you are utilising stream or bore water then common with this water use is a lot of sand and sediment. The ideal filter for this is a pleated filter cartridge. This is designed as a first stage filter and will remove and hold large amounts of floating matter. It can also be washed out a few times although eventually the pores in the filter will block and washing it will not work.

The micron rating of the filter determines the density of the filter. The more dense the filter the lower the micron rating and thus the smaller the particles that will be sieved or removed from the water. A filter with a micron rating of 1 will capture and filter the particles that are of the same micron or larger, however, it will not remove any smaller particles. To give a guide: a cryptosporidium is about 4-6 microns, a giardia cyst is about 8-12 microns compared with a human hair that approximately 70 microns in width.

The denser the filter then the slower the flow of the water that passes through the filter. Therefore, one very dense filter will not work as well as 3 less dense filters working together. The 3 filters working together will remove more of the impurities present in the water as well as maintaining the flow of water.

The main filter ratings are absolute and nominal. A absolute rating refers to a certified reduction rate of about 99.9 percent. This means that a 5 Micron absolute filter will eliminate 99.9 percent particles of 5 microns or larger in diameter. A nominal rating defines the smallest estimated particle size that the filter can eliminate. For example, a 5 Micron nominal filter traps 95 percent of 5 micron or larger particles.

To eliminate contaminants or impurities from water that is sourced from river, lake or spring, a paper filter is used. The jumbo 20-inch filter cartridges media are used to decrease the amount of dirt and remove particles floating in the water. These cartridges are usually made from stiff foams made from polypropylene or pleated paper films that resist any bacteria and microorganisms that are present in the water. These cartridges are 4.5 inch across and 20 inches in height, so we refer to these as a jumbo 20-inch filter. Or 2.5 inch across and 20 inches in height and STD (Standard) 20 inch filter.

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