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WSI-CBC-25-1005 - 10" Standard (small) Rain Water Carbon Cartridge 5m

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For removal of pesticides & odor; improvement of taste.
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2.5" x 10" Standard Cartridge: a 'nominal 5 Micron' Carbon Cartridge in block form, to remove chemicals, toxins, & odors. Very effective for removal of chlorine in town water supplies.

Carbon media is from Coconut which significantly improves cartridge life and prevents bypass channelling. Superior performance to standard charcoal carbon cartridges.

Typically fitted as a stand alone filter to improve water supply to a tap, or the middle or last filter in a filter System.

The working life of the cartridge is directly related to its exposure to fine sediment/mud. This 'coats the carbon particles' preventing them from direct contact with the water.

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Артикул (SKU) WSI-CBC-25-1005