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Cartridges Standard 10" & 20"

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The 10” standard water filter cartridges are designed for whole house water purification needs and light commercial use. Unlike the jumbo water filter cartridges, these standard filter housings feature minimized design dimensions to ensure that they install and fit anywhere with ease. It can work with any home and commercial standard 10” x 4-1/2” sized replacement water filters. Despite being small in size, these water filters deliver quality water flows and high water contaminant elimination for light duty home and commercial purification applications.

The 10” standard coconut carbon water filter cartridges eliminate chlorine, chemical odours and tastes, sediments and dirt making the water clearer, safer and cleaner for whole house use. Moreover, they protect your fixtures, pipes and appliances from water related damages. They should be placed inline with the main water line to ensure that they filter the water as it enters the house. They are capable of filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water before the filter cartridges require replacement.

Installation is straightforward and we are willing to assist with phone direction or alternatively you can obtain the assistance of a licensed plumber to do the job for you. We have a wide range of varying filter housing and water filter media solutions.It is possible to use the 10” standard water filter cartridges with other water purification products or develop a custom water purification solution in line with your household water needs. We sell all parts and media, including brackets and pressure gauges so you can put your own system together or if you are not that way inclined you can buy fully built systems directly from us. If you have any question about drinking water solutions for your house give us a call or email us, the contact details are on the “contact us”page.

10 Artikel

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10 Artikel

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