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Cartridges Standard 10" & 20"

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The 10 inch STD (standard) water filter cartridges are designed primarily for under bench water purification needs. Unlike the jumbo water filter cartridges, these standard filter cartridges feature a smaller dimension to ensure that they install and fit anywhere with ease. They can work with any home standard 10 x 2.5 inch filter housing. Despite being small in size, these water filters deliver quality water flows and high-water contaminant elimination.

The 10-inch standard coconut carbon filter rated 5-micron is placed to remove any foul tastes, smells, chemicals, chlorine and discolouration found in the water which makes it cleaner and safer for kitchen use. They can also protect your fixtures, pipes and appliances from water related damage. The filters should be placed level with the main water line. These filters are able to filter 200,000 litres of water before they need replacing.

The installation process is simple. You can either call us and we can provide assistance on how to install the systems yourself or, on the other hand, we can advise your plumber to do the installation process for you. At Affordable Filters we have a variety of different filter casings and media solutions. You can either use our water purification products married with our standard 10-inch filter cartridges or alternatively we can create a customised filtration system that directly addresses your water issues. We also sell components and parts (including brackets and gauges) so if you do not want to buy a complete system but build your own we can supply all the parts to build or repair your existing system. If you have any further questions of require additional assistance, please feel free to give us a call or email us, the contact details are on the “contact us”page.

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