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10" Jumbo Water Filter Cartridges

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In most cases a 10-inch jumbo filter cartridge is used to filter high volumes of water for residential whole of house. These filters are designed and manufactured for to provide high performance with a low pressure drop. These filters will fit and function flawlessly in jumbo filter casings.

This particular size filter cartridge is our most common and popular component available. Due to the various different water problems that can occur there are different media (types) to address those issues. The filters come in various micron rates in Pleated paper, Melt Blown or Carbon and occasionally wound string or through to a lesser extend these days as most of this type of cartridge has been replaced by Melt Blown.

The micron rating relates to the cartridge density. So the lower the rating the more dense the media and the less water the cartridge will allow through. The ratings of the filters range from 1-50 micron. However, the most common are a 5-micron and 20-micron filter cartridge. Normally you would have a pleated paper rated 5-micron that is put first in the system to remove any sentiments and sands. Next a coconut carbon filter rated 5-micron is placed to remove any foul tastes, smells, chemicals and discolouration found in the water. Lastly, if you have purchased a 3-filter system a melt blown filter rated 1-micron is used as a polishing filter that will remove the remaining floating materials.

Our drinking water standards require the 3 filters setup as explained above and then an ultraviolet chamber for the sterilisation of bacteria and microorganisms found in the water.

If you have any further questions or require further information about the use of our different filters, please contact us as different water problems will necessitate different filter cartridges. Our details are available on our site.

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